Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the spot: At Rustica Kollection

Gift caricatures are such a wonderful and personal present to offer a close friend, that special someone in your life or as a gesture of gratitude and respect to a colleague. Its all about fun.
Typically it takes about a week to compile the research, gather resource material for the illustrative parts and of course capture the essence of the subject or subjects.

On the spot caricatures are a little different. These are essentially "gesture drawings" and performed live with the subject sitting in front of me - I'm also engaged in a brief conversation with them (where I mine for details about that person) the more I know about him or her allows me to develop the environment around the caricature. The finished drawing is now even more unique and personal to that person.

Below is a video that my good friend Bill Haines of Black Shamrock Media made for me while I was working the Rustica Kollection Grand Opening. It absolutely illustrates the process perfectly. If you have questions or are interested in hiring a caricature artist for your next special event, birthday party, wedding or anniversary drop me an e-mail or call me at (559) 930-4411. ~SWP

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